AURORA - Lift Door Visual Aid System

Product Code: AURORA/01

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Product Description


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Product Description:

AURORA, Lift Door Visual Aid System is a unique product designed for every automatic moving lift door, it provides a visual aid to warn passengers when the lift doors are opening or closing. Designed to be retro fitted to any existing leading edges or slam posts and to work in conjunction with any existing safety edges. There is no need to interface with existing control units, it's a standalone system with a simple magnetic switching system. Our Green and Red static lighting system provides a very clear visual warning aid of the whole entrance, not just the leading edge.

AURORA - How it works:

When the lift stops and the doors start to open, a constant Green visual warning light will be visible to indicate safe exit and entrance into the lift car. The Green light will remain lit whilst the doors are parked open and not moving. When the lift doors begin to close, a constant Red visual warning aid will be visible to indicate that the lift doors are closing.

AURORA – Offers the following benefits;

  • Provides a very clear complete halo glow of the whole lift entrance.
  • Static warning lighting, for clear and simple direction.
  • Standalone unit only requires 240VAC supply.
  • Maintenance free.
  • One man installation.
  • No Controller modification needed.
  • LED lighting strips can be replaced without replacing the whole system.​​

Technical Specification:

Power Supply: 220VAC to 240VAC 50/60 Hz.
Power Supply Output: 24VDC, 2.500mA, 60W
LED Strip Supply: 24VDC
LED Strip Power: 14.4W
Operating Temperature: -20º - +45º
Waterproof: IP65


Although the AURORA is not a safety edge, this standalone unit can be used in conjunction with any existing safety edges.

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