Howler Site Alert Fire Alarm

Product Code: HOW/FE

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Product Description

Howler site alert fire alarm

The Howler Site Alert fire alarm is a smaller, more affordable version of the highly regarded, original Howler fire alarm. This site alert fire alarm can be interlinked with up to 20 other alarms for flexible coverage options. Using a simple bell wire type, and two core cable, each connected alarm will set the next off, until all connected devices are activated. The red flashing light and illuminated push button switch alerts site occupants visually if smoke is detected.

These visual alerts are particularly useful where there are high noise levels. The Howler Site Alert audible alarm is 118 decibels. This unit comes with the required 9v battery, so all you need to do is fix the device to the wall and be sure it is powered on. Dimensions are: height 260mm, width 160mm, and depth 75mm. The durable outer case is constructed of polypropylene for easy care and cleaning.