Lift & Escalator Sanitisation Kit - Single Application Long Lasting Protection Against COVID 19 And Many More - ZOONO Antimicrobial Solution

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Product Description

Application suggestions:-

For the greatest yield from ZOONO we recommend filling the trigger gun and then spraying onto a cloth and wiping all areas. Alternatively for larger areas we recommend the use of the back-pack sprayer.

As a liquid ZOONO it is less toxic than a cup of coffee or vitamin C
When applied to a surface by spraying, fogging or wiping, Zoono leaves behind a mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to the surface.These molecules are antimicrobial, silane based polymers that bond to the surface forming a barrier of positively charged microscopic pins.
The positively charged pins attract and pierce negatively charged pathogens. The pins rupture the cell walls. This causes the pathogen to break up with lethal effect.
Routine cleaning does not disrupt the molecule or it's antimicrobial activity.

Using ZOONO replaces the need for dangerous poisons, chemicals and alcohol. This method of disrupting the cell means the cell cannot mutate, preventing the development of super bugs and is now used exclusively on Network rail and TFL after spending £2m this year on independent testing.

ZOONO is colourless, odourless, non leaching, environmentally safe, non corrosive and whilst completely gentle to humans and animals, it is deadly to a wide range of bacteria and mould.
Proven effective for 24 hours on the skin
Supported by 100+ independant lab tests
Used consistently in Hospitals, Ambulances, Transport, Leisure, Retail, Office, Industrial, Medical, Food processing and preparation, Vets, Abattoirs, poultry, Marine.