Spill Kit with EX SORB Oil and Chemical Absorbent

Product Code: SPILL/2

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Product Description

Spill Kit with EX SORB Oil and Chemical Absorbent

Absorbs up to 33lt

  • EXsorb, the revolutionary, recycled oil and chemical absorbent.
  • Non-leaching, hydrophobic, MMO licenced and super efficient.
  • Ideal for use in the depot, warehouse, yard, garage, river, lake etc.

Absorbs up to seven times more than clay granules.

  • Once oil is absorbed it will not leach out, even under pressure.
  • Instantly absorbs oils, mild chemicals, solvents, paints, detergents etc.
  • Hydrophobic, so will not absorb water and excellent for clearing oils from water or in wet conditions.
  • MMO Licensed: for use on inland waters and land, complying with E.U. and Health and Safety at Work regulations.
  • Light and efficient so you use far less and save on disposal costs.
  • Made from the 100% CFC recovery process of recycling disused refrigerators and freezers

ExSorb is a lightweight, fast acting, inert, non toxic recycled PU foam that is kinder to the environment.