Door Stopper Device

Product Code: DSD/1

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Product Description

Door Stopper Device

A simple, affordable, convenient device for restraining the lift doors during maintenance.

Step 1) Choose the most suitable arm of the stopper according to door type.

Step 2) Insert the stopper vertically, where the door leaf must stop, holding it slightly slanted and then turning it until it locks in position.

Step 3) Let the door leaf slide until it rests against the stopper.

Safety notes:
The DSD/1 is meant to be a useful tool facilitating maintenance operations. All the safety measures required to prevent accidents to maintenance operators and lift users must be always taken.

Warning: once the door has been unlocked by release key, press the button to simulate a call and make sure that the door lock safety contact is working correctly. Then proceed with the safe blocking of the door thus preventing it from closing accidentally.