ASG-120-UD - Progressive Bi Directional Safety Gear

Product Code: DYN/ASG-120UD

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Product Description

Guide rail type: MACHINED & OILED

Admissible guide rail thickness: 7mm to 16mm
According to the standards: EN 81-20 and EN 81-50.

Minimum gripping width: 25 mm
Admissible guide rail thickness: 7mm to 16mm
Maximum tripping speed: 2,33 m/s

(P+Q) Maximum permitted:
Min. P+Q = 693 Kg (-7,5%)
Max. P+Q = 4233 Kg (+7,5%)

P+Q Range Available: 693KG, 781KG, 868KG, 944KG, 1060KG, 1196KG, 1293KG, 1440KG, 1667KG, 1859KG, 2110KG, 2435KG, 2728KG, 3025KG, 3270KG, 3693KG, 4233KG.

T25-UD or T25-UD-XL Assembly adjustable between 600mm to 4000mm.
Safety switch

Used with the following products:


P = Contract Load
Q = Car Weight

To order the correct safety gear, we require the contract load plus the car weight.


A complete assembly consists of the following items.

· 1 x Set of Safety Gear Blocks
· 1 x Appropriate T Bar Assembly
· 1 x Safety Gear Switch.

To order the correct safety gear you will need to know the following
· Contract Load = P
· Car Weight. = Q
· DBG Measurement (Distance Between Guides)
· Guide Rail Thickness 7mm to 16mm

When ordering the T25-UD Assembly, please confirm your Distance Between Guides. T25-UD-XL available on request.


The RENO support system for new or existing (renewed) frames is formed by two braces that support all Dynatech progressive safety gear and their associated linkage. The installation of the most common slide or roller guide shoes sold commercially is also accepted. Suitable for the entire range of PR, PQ and ASG progressives, with their associated linkage T1, T2, T3, T25 and T25 UD For further details and prices please refer to product code RE

Important Note:

Our entire range of progressive safety gears may be installed in Tandem configuration. Tandem configuration consists of fitting two units of safety gears into the frame instead of the usual single one. This configuration allows doubling the range of the total mass (P+Q) that the safety gears may brake, and is valid for the entire range of interlocking rails in Dynatech’s driving bars. Call our sales team for more information.

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