SPEEDFLEX - LED Shaft Lighting Kit with Wireless Kinetic 3-Way Switching

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Product Description

SPEEDFLEX - LED Shaft Lighting Kit

SPEEDFLEX LED Shaft Lighting is the first ever shaft lighting kit to offer the following; LED Flex Lighting, 3-Hour Emergency Backup, wireless three-way-switching, and only three wires to connect to power. Our new SPEEDFLEX LED Shaft Lighting Kits are 3 times quicker to install than any other flexible LED rope shaft lighting kits.

The new advanced energy saving solution to comply with EN81-20, Easier Installation, Energy Efficient, and Lower Cost replacement for the traditional T6/T8 lighting or lamps.

The SPEEDFLEX LED Shaft Lighting Strips are fixed to the ceiling and run down into the pit in one piece, thereby avoiding horizontal shadows often created by the distance between each lamp in the lift shaft. The coating of the SPEEDFLEX LED Shaft Lighting consists of self-extinguishing PVC. Additionally, the colour temperature of 6500K (cool white) supports concentrated working in the lift shaft.

SPEEDFLEX LED Shaft Lighting also comes as standard with a 3-Hour Emergency Backup system, which will illuminate the whole lighting strip but at a reduced level as shown in the images above.

Fully Wireless Switching:

Through the technology of self-powered switching using micro-energy acquisition technology the SPEEDFLEX Shaft Lighting Switches convert your kinetic energy into electrical energy when you push the switch and wirelessly communicates with the SPEEDFLEX. No need to use batteries and no need to connect with power in any way. Additionally with their glow in the dark labels the Shaft Lighting Switches are easily seen in low light levels.
The switches come pre-synced to the receiver within the SPEEDFLEX box. Instructions are included should re-syncing be required.

Switches can be paired with more than one receiver to operate multiple strip lighting setups within the same lift shaft.

We offer the following kits:

SPEEDFLEX – 9 Metre – Suitable for 2 Floors
SPEEDFLEX – 11 Metre – Suitable for 2-3 Floors
SPEEDFLEX – 14 Metre – Suitable for 3 Floors
SPEEDFLEX – 17 Metre – Suitable for 4 Floors
SPEEDFLEX – 20 Metre – Suitable for 5 Floors
SPEEDFLEX – 23 Metre – Suitable for 6 Floors
SPEEDFLEX – 26 Metre – Suitable for 7 Floors
SPEEDFLEX – 30 Metre – Suitable for 8 Floors
SPEEDFLEX – 33 Metre – Suitable for 9 Floors
SPEEDFLEX – 36 Metre – Suitable for 10 Floors
SPEEDFLEX – 40 Metre – Suitable for 11 Floors
SPEEDFLEX – 45 Metre – Suitable for 12 Floors
SPEEDFLEX – 50 Metre – Suitable for 13 Floors

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