FIXLED IP65 Glare Reduced V2 Shaft Lighting Kit

Product Code: ART.21709

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Product Description

FIXLED IP65 Glare Reduced V2 Shaft Lighting Kit

This lighting kit does not have emergency back-up.
Emergency can be introduced to the shaft, by installing LED bulkhead fittings with emergency back-up OR Incorporating one of our UPS units.
We have several types available.

  • EM-LED-3W
  • EM-LED-3.5W
  • MIN-LED-3W
  • ​UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems - CERTA UPS C60 - Single Phase - (For more details search - UPS)

The new advanced energy saving solution to comply with EN81-20, Easier Installation, Energy Efficient, and Lower Cost replacement for the traditional T6/T8 lighting or lamps.The LED Shaft Lighting Strips are fixed to the ceiling and run down into the pit in one piece, thereby avoiding horizontal shadows often created by the distance between each lamp in the lift shaft. The coating of the FIXLED Shaft Lighting consists of self-extinguishing PVC, the lights also contain PVC designed to reduce direct glare by softening the light emitted from the LEDs. Additionally, the colour temperature of 4000K (neutral white) supports concentrated working in the shaft. The LED strip is delivered ready for connection with a 10m supply cable and 3 pin plug.

The LED strips and pull cords can be bought in pre cut lengths up to 50 metres long - from stock. Longer lengths up to 100m can be accommodated but lead times will apply. The supply cable consists of a cable H05VV-F 2x1.5mm² (from 51m 3G1.5mm²) including an electronic ballast (rectifier, fuse and overvoltage protection). This way the LED strip can be protected with a maximum of 16A (e.g., with a common fuse for pit socket and shaft lighting). The plugs supplied with the kit are required if the shaft lighting has to be plugged into a normal plug socket. This may be the case, e.g., for new lift installations or for large modernisations jobs.

When installing a new lift, the shaft lighting is usually installed first. At the beginning of the installation process the Lift Control Unit is not yet installed. During this time the FIXLED kit can be plugged into a construction site power supply. After installing the Lift Control Unit, the plug can be cut off and the supply cable can simply be clamped to the corresponding terminals in the newly installed Lift Control Unit or a separate power supply.

Distributor - fuse protected up to a max of 16A.

​The kit comprises of three components. Each must be bought separately. The three components are

  • LED strip - Sold in different lengths - With three pin plug fitted
  • Pull cord cable with pull handles - Sold in different lengths
  • Electrical Pull cord switch

We stock lengths up to 50 Metres - Longer length kits up to 100 Metres are available on request.

The simplest kit option is to buy the LED strip on its own with three pin plug attached. Choose the correct length, drop it down the shaft, fix it to the wall using the fixings provided and plug it in to an existing three pin wall socket. Its as simple as that.

If you prefer the lighting strip to be accessed and operated by a pull cord, then you will also need to buy the electrical switch kit (ART.018713) and the correct length pull cord. All items can be selected from the drop down box.

Our pull cords are supplied with yellow handles. These yellow handles are threaded onto the cord and slid into position at each floor level and locked into place.

How to order -
Example for a complete kit with pull cord - For a 20m shaft (6 floor)
You will need the following items
1 x 20M/6 floor mains only LED strip (ART.21720)
1 x Electrical switch for pull cord (ART.018713)
1 x 6 floor pull cord (6F/20M)

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