Light Saber - LED Shaft Lighting Kit With Built In Emergency - LSOH - RCD Protected

Product Code: SABER/2

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Product Description

Introducing the revolutionary LED Light Saber shaft lighting system - IP64 rated - Low smoke - Zero Halogen (LSOH)

​Manufactured and designed exclusively for Elevator Equipment Ltd, this new shaft lighting concept provides not only an extremely simple plug and play installation but includes built in emergency back-up in every fitting, at no extra cost, light fittings rated to IP64 and the complete system is RCD protected. These standard features make this the perfect solution for all your shaft lighting needs and fully complies to EN81-20.

Ideal for shafts with very little clearance - our units are only 30mm in depth off the wall.

​In normal operation the LED Light Saber exceeds 150 lux and in emergency mode reliably exceeds 15 lux throughout the shaft. It is supplied with two way relay switching between the machine room and pit (both permanently illuminated with LED bulb) with an optional three way switch should you require switching from the car top.

With its robust, light weight design and simple plug in connections it can be easily installed by one engineer.Saving time and money.

A standard installation will consist of the following items.
​1 x Mains/Emergency power supply unit - with built in Emergency test switch - Complete system RCD protection - Part INTD4001
? x Number of lamps (depending on your shaft length - Our lamps have 75mm pre-wired cables fitted on both ends of the lamp - distance between lamps is approx 1.5 metres and lighting centres are approx 2.5m) - Part INTD40010
​1 x Machine room light switch - Permanently illuminated with LED bulb - Part INTD4020
​1 x Pit light switch with 3 pin socket - Permanently illuminated with LED bulb - Part INTD4021

For three way switching you will also need to order
​1 x Top of lift car switch - Part INTD4022

​1m, 5m & 10m Extension are also available. These can be used to extend the distance between lamps or between lamps and the top and bottom light switches

Please Note: If your machine room is at the bottom of the shaft - you will need to purchase additional extension leads to run from your mains/emergency power unit (mounted at the bottom) to the first lamp, mounted at the top of the shaft at the head of your string of lamps. Therefore please purchase additional extension leads roughly equivalent to the length of your lift shaft.

​All items can be selected individually from the drop down box above.​

Alternatively, to make life simple, we have devised some simple kits
Example - Product code SABER/3 will consist of

1 x Mains / Emergency power unit
3 x Lamps
​1 x Pit switch with 3 pin socket
​1 x Machine room switch.

​If you require extension leads and 3 way switching, these can be selected separately from the drop down box.