Two Part Telescopic Car Apron/ Toe Guard

Product Code: ART.79950

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Product Description


Intend use:
The two-part telescopic apron prevents the inadvertent fall of persons into the lift shaft beneath the car.

If, deviating from EN81, the pit depth* is reduced, the apron is suitable for a minimum pit depth of 550mm. (EN81-1 para. EN81-2 para. reduction of the distance to the pit floor to 100mm, if the distance to the pit wall is smaller than clearance required by EN-8 and -2 (for example fold-out supports) the aprons is suitable for pit depths up to 450mm.

The use of the apron during docking operations is not allowed.

*Pit depth = space between the top of the cabin doorsill and the shaft floor, when buffers are completely compressed.

Functional description:
The telescopic apron always is extended. When the car reaches the lowest landing, the apron retracts. High quality guide rails and rubber buffers on the intermediate elements and on the lower edge of the apron provide for smooth retraction and extension!

Available in widths from 650mm to 1700mm door openings.

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