Maglock - Door Holding Device For Manual Gated Cars

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Product Description


A unique product designed to prevent unnecessary lift breakdowns on manual gated lift cars

The MAGLOCK receiver is mounted inside the car, on the car wall, and the magnet block is mounted on the leading edge of the internal manual gate. When the doors are shut and the lift moves away from the floor, the MAGLOCK activates and holds the door firmly in place. It will not deactivate until the lift has come to a complete standstill at floor level.

The MAGLOCK offers the following benefits.

  • Prevents all unwanted car door movement in mid travel.
  • Prevents passengers opening the lift car doors in mid travel
  • Prevents passengers from trying to open the lift car door before the lift has come to a complete stop.
  • Easy to open the lift doors when the MAGLOCK is de-energized, because there is no need to have Matthew catches fitted.
  • Maintenance free
  • One man installation
  • No controller modification needed
  • Interface kit designed to operate from existing retiring ramp at a voltages between 100vdc - 220vdc
  • Complete with monitoring feedback system for car gate contact to ensure that the magnets and doors are fully closed before moving away from the landing.

Our complete kit comprises of the following items

  • MAGLOCK and fixing plate
  • MAGLOCK 12vdc supply 600lbs (272kg) holding force
  • MAGLOCK locking plate and bracket
  • Spacer packer
  • All necessary fixings and thread lock
  • ABS box 240mm x 190mm x 100mm approx
  • Supply 230vac
  • Dual pole miniature circuit breaker(2A) for supply
  • 12vdc/1A power supply
  • Relay base
  • Supplied with 2 x plug-in relay (1 x 110vdc, 1 x 220vdc)
  • Pre-wired flex's for connection to mains (2m), Ramp (2m), Maglock (3m)
    Maglock requires a hole cut out of 240mm x 50mm

‚ÄčWe also sell the Maglock as a replacement unit with no fixing kit.

Please use instruction pdf filebelow for installation and wiring diagram.

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