Automatic Rope Lubricator - 140 Kit

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Product Description

Automatic Rope Lubricator - 140 Kit

With the Elevator Equipment Limited guide rail lubricator, it is possible to lubricate and clean guide rails quickly and efficently.

A suspension rope consists of many individual steel strands. These strands slide against each other when they run over the traction sheave or the diverter pulley.
The ropes are lubricated which reduces the friction among the strands. It is important that the lubricator be applied in small but even quantities, otherwise, the traction of the rope may be affected negatively. Furthermore, a regular lubrication prevents corrosion and prolongs the durability of the ropes considerably.

The EN 12385-3 (use and maintenance of steel wire ropes) also recommends the lubrication during operation to achieve the optimal functioning. The automatic lubrication and cleaning system for ropes from EEL is suitable for the durable and permanent maintenance of the suspension ropes.

The brushes rub a special treatment continuously into the ropes. This treatment permeates to the interior of the rope.
The dispensed quantity is minor but continuous. It can be adjusted to dispense the 125ml cartridge over 1 to 12 months - depending on lift type.

The treatment is conformed to ISO 4346.

Technical Information:

1 x 140mm Bracket
1 x Brush 70mm
1 x Cartridges with Lubricant, 125ml
1 x Screw Joint
1 x Mounting Instruction

EEL Automatic Rope Lubricator Kit 140 is for a maximum rope width of 140mm.

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