Furini Retiring Cam - 100VDC - 185VDC

Product Code: FUR100

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Product Description


100VDC or 185VDC.
Aluminium solenoid assembly.
Protection to IP50.
Watts: 150.
2.6 Amp
Ramp stroke 60mm.
Output torque: 30N.

A complete kit consists of the following items

  • ​Coil pot - SS45
  • Retiring ramp - With 60mm stroke
  • ​500mm threaded bar
  • Fixing kit
  • ​Nuts, washers etc.

​Parts can be purchased separately using the drop down box.

Code 2NF0012 - SS45

Please note that the Furini Retiring Cam cannot be returned after 5 working days under warranty if the coils have been damaged by incorrect current, incorrect voltage or burn out. Once ordered they can only be returned for faults resulting from the manufacture. This will be approved only by our company Technical Director.
Please check your installation as this will be the issue, not the product.