Clean Down Kit With Virucidal/ Bacterial Disinfectant Proven Against Coronavirus - For Lift Shafts, Pits, Machine Rooms & Cars - Size Small

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Product Description

SMALL sized clean down kit for use in the lift shaft, pit, machine room and car - Kit includes ULTRA AX Virucidal/Bactericidal Disinfectant proven agent against Coronavirus, Influenza and HIV

A fully comprehensive cleaning kit designed for small sized lift pits, shafts and machine rooms.


  • ​1 litres OILGON industrial strength de-greaser - Safe non-toxic solution - Biodegradable - Non flammable - No VOCS (non toxic) - Water based
  • 2 x 750mm Trigger gun ULTRA AX disinfectant spray
  • ​Wooden handled wire brush
  • Small wire brush set
  • Block brush 30mm x 100mm
  • ​Stripping knife 2"
  • ​1kg bag of rags
  • ​20 x Black sacks
  • 4 pairs x Disposable gloves
  • Plastic dust pan and brush​​​​

​This kit is often sold in conjunction with our Oil & Grease Maintenance Kit (MEOC/12)