Guard Rail Kit - Telescopic Version To EN81-20

Product Code: ART.078970

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Product Description


The telescopic guard rail is available in two sizes.
The guard rail EN 81-20 up to a width of 1.30m is available with telescopic posts with a height of 50-70cm or 70-110cm. In the extended position the locking device engages automatically. For retraction unlock the guard rail manually.
Both end positions are monitored by a contact.

Depending on the structure of the ceiling, our mounting kit for handrails rails has to be used as well as maybe other individual measures for an appropriate fixation.

The construction and stability of these new telescopic series are according to EN 81-20.

The solid bases can be fixed on the car roof by four screws. But depending on the nature of the lift ceiling, to be able to withstand a force of 1000N acting anywhere on the upper part of the railing without an elastic deformation of more than 50mm it is possible you will need to use our optionally available mounting kit with mounting rails. The barrier is then fixed to this mounting kit. This mounting kit greatly improves the force absorption area.

It may be necessary to use the additional tensioning rope. This should be fixed in the upper area of the guard rail and at a strong position (e.g. support frame) of the lift cabin. The rail system and the tensioning rope are included in the optional mounting kit.

The guard rail is 0.70m respectively 1.10m high and the maximum width is 1.30m. The width is variably adjustable. If neccessary, the handrail and the cross bar can be cut to size on site with a power cutter or hack saw.

To complete the construction to EN81-20 regulation you will also need to add the kickboards (optional to order from the drop down box) - 115cm long

The professional attachment is incumbent on the user in all cases.


When choosing the railing, the free clearance distances acc. to EN81-20 are to be considered:
- 0.70m height at distances 0.30m up to 0.50m (interior edge hand rail- shaft wall)
- 1.10m at distances beyond 0.50m (interior edge hand rail- shaft wall)
‚Äč- 10cm distance between outer edge hand rail and any parts in the shaft.