Door Pressure Test Gauge

Product Code: 853-414

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Product Description

Door pressure test gauge

The Basic Force Gauge (BFG) is designed for easy operation and provides outstanding tension and compression measurement performance and reliability at an affordable price. Supplied as standard with calibration certificate traceable to national standards. Constructed in a rigid yet lightweight aluminium housing, with its ergonomically attractive shape, the BFG can be used as a hand-held instrument, or alternatively it can be mounted to manual or motorised test stands to allow testing under more controlled conditions.

  • High accuracy ±0.25% of full-scale
  • ‘Live’ display mode for continuous monitoring
  • Ultimate peak hold
  • N, kN, mN, gf, kgf, lbf and ozf measurement units
  • Data output - RS232, digimatic and analogue
  • Overload warning
  • Combines with data acquisition software for additional test evaluation options
  • Calibration certificate
  • Compression plate
  • Test hook
  • Extension rods
  • Rechargeable batteries (NiMH)
  • Main adapter / battery charger
  • Rugged carry case
  • BFG - Measures up to 1000N
  • Other models available by special request.